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FREE SHIPPING: AKG K240 Professional Studio Headphones

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1 year DWI Inhouse Warranty, 3-7 Business Days Ship.

AKG K240 มือใหม่หัดรีวิว บ้าๆบอๆ

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ถูกใจกดไลค์กดแชร์ เป็นกำลังใจด้วยนะ

AKG K240 Studio _ Modifiche Hardware

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Se anche a voi è capitato lo stesso problema, io l'ho risolto così. Per togliere tutto l'accumulo di "spugna sbriciolata", ho utilizzato un phon "a freddo".. Si può utilizzare anche l'aria compressa... Se si usa la pistola, tenerla a una certa dis..

Best Studio Headphones Under $40 or $50 - Superlux HD 668B Review

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Looking for the best studio headphone under $40? The Superlux HD668B headphones, are not only reminiscent of a

AKG K240 Studio 原廠耳機線~新的較硬

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Studio 原廠耳機線新舊比較,新的較硬,感覺更堅固,但會有較明顯的麥克風效應(手摸到線的聲音會明顯的傳聲到耳機)。

Mi van a dobozban? AKG K240 MKII

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Végre megérkezett az

AKG K240開箱-無音質檢測-單純拍好玩

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Bgm: 1.Next Level - Freestyle Trap Beat Free Rap Hip Hop Instrumental 2018 SeriouzBeats Instrumentals 錄影程式:QuickTime player OBS 剪接程式:vegas pro 15 Adobe Premiere pro CS6 ..

[毒海浮沉] K240 R studio 特別版

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Searsound Studio 45 years of operation with AKG equipment - C414, K271, K240, K141, C424, C12

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www.akg.com - An interview with Searsound studio owner Walter Sear about his business, spirit and AKG equipment. Searsound (Manhattan, New York) is in continuous operation since 45 years and they have a lot of old and new AKG mics and headphon..

AKG K240 音質升級R-575量子環

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音質升級R-575量子環 SIXTH ELEMENT A.I.S

AKG K240 MK II ヘッドホン 開封

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大学で音楽を習っているので、ヘッドホンが必要で買いました!Amazonで購入しました!かっこいいヘッドホンです! Review of the

Unboxing AKG K240 MK II - Home Studio Headphones ZedoeBeats

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360°動画 AKG / K240 Studio モニターヘッドホン

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Unboxing: AKG K-240 Studio

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UNBOXING of AKG K-240 Studio headphones bought on Thomann for 66 € (new)

AKG K240 Mk II 240

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Buy New Spring Headphone Cable for AKG K240 K702 Q701 K271 K267 K712 H

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Hi, today i want to Reviews about New Spring Headphone Cable for

AKG K280 Parabolic (1987)

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A different K240, also pretty sure the real reason it's called Parabolic is because of the Baffle plate shape resembling a Parabola. Follow me on Instagram -

Setting up a PC as an amp simulator (updated)

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Here are some links for some of the gear mentioned. Focusrite Solo Interface: amzn.to/2c6mDOM Focusrite 6i6 2nd Gen Interface: amzn.to/2bABsb4 AKG K44 Headphones: amzn.to/2caBdYP

Check - New Spring Headphone Cable for AKG K240 K702 Q701 K271 K267 K712 Headset Replacement Audio

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Get - New Spring Headphone Cable for

AKG K612 pro vs AKG K702 - sound demo

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AKG K612 on amazon: US: amzn.to/2SM17Ul DE: amzn.to/2SO3iqb UK: amzn.to/2Rm0fZS

AKG K7XX and Philips SHP9500 | Review/Comparison (sort of)

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Well this is the only review I've ever recorded. Hope my thoughts can help someone ►SHP9500: www.amazon.com/Philips-SHP9500-Precision-Over-ear-Headphones/dp/B00ENMK1DW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516167085&sr=8-1&keywords=shp9500 ►K7XX: https..

AKG M220 Semi Open Headphone Review

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To check out the AKG M220's go here: amzn.to/2wvWmWY Find these headphones at Massdrop! dro.ps/akgm220pro-etv Today I'm doing a review of the AKG M220 headphones. This is a very well priced set of studio headphones that anyone should ..

[Sharing] AKG K240 Studio with great sound AKG監聽耳機開箱

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New from NAMM 2016: AKG K52, K72, K92 Reference Headphones

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Check out the latest from NAMM 2016: The AKG K52, K72, and K92 Reference Headphones. More info: www.guitarcenter.com/NAMM-2016.gc?source=4GOA4LOBA

AKG K250 (c.1980)

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Another K240, um....K250. Follow me on Instagram -

Unboxing: AKG K 271 MK II Studio Headphones

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Unboxing: AKG K 271 MK II Studio Headphones This is a quick unboxing of the AKG K 271 MKII Headphones. Check out what comes in the box and stay tuned for the full review! Twitter:


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RU-clip Captureからチャンネル登録お願いします‼️

Replacing the Pads on My AKG K550 Headphones

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These aftermarket pads really change the feel and sound more than I thought. I know what you're thinking - pads don't affect the sound - but they really do! I've used the same headphones with the same sound card for 4 years and I can tell the differe..

6 Best AKG Headphones Reviews

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Top AKG Headphones 1. AKG K 240 - amzn.to/2M3mh0E 2. AKG N60NC - amzn.to/2B149zk 3. AKG K702 - amzn.to/2OQcxoi 4. AKG Y55 Red DJ-Ready - amzn.to/2nuh17T 5. AKG Bluetooth Headphone Black - amzn.to/2vuARUK 6. AK..


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PHONE K240 Stuido Chỉ dành riêng cho những nhà sản xuất âm nhạc hàng đầu thế giới,sản phẩm này được thương hiệu AKG phát triển và hiện nay K240 là siêu phẩm dành cho anh em , hãy liên hệ với chúng ..

AKG Perception studio condenser microphones P 170, P 420, K 240MK II, K 271 MK II - 'Wonderful Day'

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www.akg.com/perception - This relaxed song 'Wonderful Day', performed by Zettl & Mauerhofer, was recorded with AKG Perception 170 & 420 microphones and K 240 MK II and K 271 MK II headphones. Used equipment - Mics: AKG Perception 170 - g..

Z Review - AKG K712pro

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Get K712's Here [amzn.to/2fpbiyG] AVexchange [www.reddit.com/r/AVexchange/] Unfortunately for you, you won't find this pair for sale on AVex. I ended up paying for them and I am keeping them. So that should help you understand how th..

𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐢𝐭 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬: my vocals

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mic: Neewer NW-700 - it's cheap, it works. bonus: figurehead's original vocal track was recorded using monoprice's now-legendary "8323" monitor headphones as a microphone (plugged into laptop mic input, pressed against face). i still use them as pro..

AKG K361 vs K371 - sound demo

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AKG K361 on amazon US: amzn.to/2mQi9FC DE: amzn.to/2mUMeEc AKG K371 on amazon US: amzn.to/2mXmWF9 DE: amzn.to/2mUWVpY

Best Studio Headphones 2018 | Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO 250 OHM REVIEW

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Best Studio Headphones 2018 | Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO 250 OHM REVIEW My Studio Equipment List: Audio Interfaces: Universal Audio Apollo 8 Quad: amzn.to/2pC6h7c Apogee Duet Firewire: amzn.to/2pRsRYM Universal Audio Satellite: am..

AKG K371 Sound Review

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www.akg.com/Headphones/Professional Headphones/K371-.html?dwvar_K371-_color=Black-GLOBAL-Current#start=1 (NOT an affiliate link) EqualizerAPO EQ Preset: Not needed MiniDSP EARS HPN Compensated Measurements: i.imgur.com/p4DIrmm.png..

My video production gear

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Sound treatment video ru-clip.net/video/LaQ1tiAepTE/видео.html RU-clip channel on Sound: Curtis Judd ru-clip.net/user/curtisjudd Studio Headphones:

Z Review - AKG K553pro (Mmmmidrange Cans)

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K553 on Amazon [amzn.to/2fi1nYg] Sound Demo : ru-clip.net/video/3arNPqs8vDo/видео.html Wallpaper : i.imgur.com/jhIHsIl.png My Reddit Recommendations Guides [www.reddit.com/r/zeos] Join The Patreon [goo.gl/Vx3HsK] Yes, I have a twi..

Transcribing Pat Metheny's solo on "See The World" from Secret Story

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Transcribing some Pat Metheny (one of my biggest influences) and loving these

Monoprice Retro vs Presonus HD7 featuring Brainwavz Earpads

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Monoprice Retro vs Presonus HD7 featuring Brainwavz Earpads Budget Headphones Showdown. Monoprice Retro: amzn.to/2HXBI8F, Presonus HD7: amzn.to/2I0F2je #BrainWavz #MonopriceRetro #PresonusHD7 ►Links to Products in this Video SMSL A..

Best Studio Monitors 2019 | Best Home Studio Budget Monitors

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Best Studio Monitors 2019 | Best Home Studio Budget Monitors ► Adam Audio T7V - amzn.to/2AMWYbg ► KRK Rokit 8 G4 - amzn.to/335HFGH ► Yamaha HS 7 - amzn.to/2AOb0cO Universal Audio Apollo x8p Unboxing | Apollo ..

Best Studio Headphones | My Top 3 Headphones Under $200

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Best Studio Headphones | My Top 3 Headphones Under $200 Headphones Discussed: 🎧 Sony MDR-7506 - amzn.to/2lOm7hS 🎧 Sennheiser HD280 Pro - amzn.to/2mLoXUW 🎧 Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250ohm - amzn.to/2nh8V5q Universal Au..

TOSKA - Abomasum (Bass Cover)

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#Dave. Learned by ear and performed in one take. Gimme a break ^_^ Oh and the bass is tuned to Drop A, if anyone is wondering. Subscribe: bit.ly/1A3Tyrj Gear: Sterling by Musicman Ray35 Neural DSP Darkglass Ultra Roland Quad Capture Audio ..

What Gear Do I Use? | Tech Talk

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Nixon Stormtrooper Landlock Backpack: amzn.to/1q4C5Rf Anker 20,000mAh battery pack: amzn.to/1UKZQua

TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal Demo

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BUY THE DARK MATTER: amzn.to/2KEbnLd FULL REVIEW: www.guitarchalk.com/dark-matter-review/ Settings demo of the TC Electronic Dark Matter distortion pedal. FOR RECORDING - Mackie CR3 Studio Monitors: amzn.to/2Gjqbgj - AKG k24..


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A little treat for you guys, i show you around my work station Specs and Equipment Monitors = 22" ViewSonic VG2236 LED 22" Techinika Led 1080P Microphone = Behringer C1 Headphones =

🎧🎸Les Meilleurs Top [Sept] Casques equipement DJ et VJ

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#bonnequalité #boncasque 🎧🎸Les Meilleurs Top [Sept] Casques equipement DJ et VJ 7.cowin E7 Casque Bluetooth sans Fil Réglable Écouteurs Audio amzn.to/320aW5n 6.

Lynch Syndrome: My Genetic Test Results

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I recently got tested for Lynch Syndrome by the U of M. Genetic testing is how you determine if one has Lynch Syndrome and as a Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Survivor who lines up with most (if not all) the symptoms of Lynch, it was determined I should go..

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