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Free Ambient Vocals 2019 | Hip Hop and Rnb Vocal Samples | Free Download

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Download this sample pack here: angelicvibes.com/free-ambient-vocals This pack was created by DXVN. dxvn.world This is an essential vocal pack you need in your library. It includes both vocal samples and catchy melodies that go per..

*FIRE VOCALS* Making a beat with vocal samples | (making a beat fl studio)

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Enter to Win: goo.gl/iUtofw QUANTUM WILL BE AVAILABLE FRIDAY THE 14TH. *LIMITED COPIES WILL BE SOLD* I'm always looking for dope vocals sample to add to my beats. I feel like they elevate your beats. When I found out how difficult they ar..

DJ and Producer Samples Part 1: Classic Phrases, Skits, Interludes, Vocals, Loops and Breaks

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YOU'RE ALL WELCOME!!! Part of this mix was done by A-Trak Another part was done by this guy: ru-clip.net/user/zonefour And all of it compiled and mashed by Me Features Random Photohraphy and every classic Sample You could ever imagine!..

lofi hip hop radio - sad & sleepy beats 😴

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Relaxing & Chill lofi hip hop beats for sleeping/studying. 🎧 Sleepy/Sad Beats 🎧 This is a 24/7 lofi hip hop stream from the bootleg boy channel. This music will carry on forever so sit back, relax and enjoy the stream 😊 🎶 Listen offli..

vocal lofi hip hop radio - emotional/late night beats

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Welcome to our vocal lofi beats stream. The vibe in this stream has been specifically curated for vocal lofi/chill beats. Smooth lofi beats featuring beautiful vocals. a combination of sad, emotional & late night beats. Music playing → vocal lo..

INSANE VOCALS!! How to use vocal samples in Trap beats | Making a Trap Beat FL Studio 12

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THIS BEAT IS INSANE!! I love the way it sounds can't wait to get this one on kyle beats radio. Drop a like on this video lets hit 600 Likes! Show a friend this too if you liked it. ► Drum kits - bit.ly/KyleBeatsKits ► Subscribe for more a..

Acapellas & Vocals Sample Pack - Tech House - Fl Studio [Mega]

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Acapellas & Vocals Sample Pack - Tech House - Fl Studio [Mega]mega.nz/#!82xA0YaB!Z43lacgEyylFEprRyO55_MC1AAo8xKGNTI5mptnLeVY


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FREE Download: bit.ly/FREEURBANVOX Pro Vocal Samples: primeloops.com/sounds.html?&types=127 20 High quality 24-bit WAV Urban Vocal Loops, Samples and Shouts. These can be used for most genres such as EDM, Hip hop, D&B, House and more..

Free Trap Vox Chops | Free Vocal Chops | Vocal Effects | AngelicVibes

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Download These Free Vocal Chops Here: www.angelicvibes.com/free-trap-vox-chops/ ✘ Subscribe for more! ✘ AngelicVibes ► Website: angelicvibes.com ► Instagram:

HUGE Rap Vocal Samples - Battle Rap Vocals by Kamy & Basement Freaks

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Get it here: blackoctopus-sound.com/product/battle-rap-vocals-kamy-basement-freaks/ Vocals. Scratches. Beats! This pack is HEAVY, and pulling from golden era of Hip Hop and Rap. Rap Vocals Vol 1 with MC Kamy and Basement Freaks is a straight..


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There are spitting rap lines & hip hop voice samples that you can use - if you subscribe to this channel - You can email me at quad.clan.za@gmail.com & I will send these samples to you or if you are looking for any kind of specific samples I will see..

22 Vocal Ad-Lib Effects (Free Samples)

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Kind of like trap chants, yet not quite. I just love using these type of weird and short chopped vocal hits especially on my trap beats! Thought I'd make a small pack and I definitely recommend you to try them out! They spice your beats up pretty nic..

Classic Hip-Hop Vocals - Street Styles Raps feat Everyman

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Get it here: blackoctopus-sound.com/product/street-styles-raps-feat-everyman/ Its not every day you have two massive talents join forces to bring out a cutting edge sample pack, but that’s exactly what happened here with Street Style Raps!..

Real Black Vocal ★ Rap Acapellas Sample Pack ★ Rap Vocal Samples • Vocal Hooks & Rap Shouts

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Apollo Sound is very proud to present the Real Black Vocal. The brand new collection of rap vocals and acapellas from the serene rap talents of USA & Africa. The pack is written by 2 MCs. The first has quite low bass voice, and the other has middle a..

Vocal Cuts "Say What" Masterclass Preview

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This is a preview of my Vocal Cuts masterclass tutorials. More here: www.studioscratches.com/how-to-scratch-vocal-samples/ Scratch record: Scratchy Seal - Dirtstyle / Qbert

91Vocals ⚡ Trap Soul Vocals | Vocal Sample Pack

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⚡ Free Taster Samples & Download: bit.ly/91V-tsv Trap Soul Vocals features hypnotic melodies, wavey textures and zoned out modern rap and RnB vocals. High-end vocal production meets emotive and experimental sound design. Each sample metic..

Classic Hip Hop Vocal Effect (90s Vocal Sound, MF Doom, Biggy Smalls)

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This style of mix can be used on any track, it's really just focused on a clean rap mix. Drop a like and Subscribe. Purchase FL Studio Templates: sellfy.com/faraitheproducer Need songs mixed?: faraitheproducer.wordpress.com/mixing-p..

🔥 FREE TRAP VOCAL SAMPLE PACK 2018 - (Voices) - By "TheKitPlug.com"

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FREE TRAP VOCAL SAMPLE PACK 2018! How to download 🔽 Step 1. Like and comment on this video! Step 2. Download and enjoy! - goo.gl/SiJzvC This free trap vocal sample kit includes: (45) Professionally Mixed Vocal Chants (WAV Format)! Works..

Hip Hop Vocal Samples and Acapellas - Positive Flow Vol 1 by EVeryman

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Grab it here! blackoctopus-sound.com/product/positive-flow-vol-1-by-everyman/ It’s not every day that you can literally feel the passion come so easily in a sample packs creation. With Positive Flow Vol 1 by EVeryman, it oozes out devotio..

Top 5 | Best Vocal Acapella Sample Packs from Monster Sounds | Hip Hop, House, Vocal Samples Loops

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Check out Monster Sounds | bit.ly/2KGDJId Get These Sounds with FREE 30 Day Loopcloud Trial | bit.ly/35vb9zQ Links to the Top 5 Packs Below... Top 5 Vocal acapella sample packs Monster Sounds 1. Killer Acapellas 4 | bit.ly/2KL..

Hip Hop Vocal Samples Produced by Illmind

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▶▶▶ FREE SAMPLES: bit.ly/SC_FREEBIES BUY: primeloops.com/special-edition-blap-kit-vox-chops.html Over 230 super-versatile Vocal Samples, including Falsetto Vocals and Singing Riffs by Father Dude, all delivered to you Dry and m..

Russian Rap Vocals Acapella (Royalty Free) Sample Pack individual vocal samples

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Get The Samples Here ➡️ www.loopmasters.com/genres/57-Vocals/products/8383-Russian-Rap-Vocals/?a_aid=4f3ebd236b8c6 ApolloSound Russian RapVocals just vocals #samplepacks #musicproduction #royaltyfree Affiliate Disclaimer: This des..

Juicy Vocals [Vocal Sample Pack] Hip Hop Vocal Loops & Hip Hop Rap Acapellas

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► Vocal Sample Pack - "Juicy Vocals" ▶️ Get thisPack here: beats24-7.com/product/juicy-vocals-vocal-pack/ ►Spotify Beat Mixtapes: open.spotify.com/user/beats24-7/playlist/4uBEKlkkHe3ZXXeYaRYP2e ► Subscribe: goo.gl/49..

4 Golden Rules to Mixing Hip Hop Vocals | Lu Diaz (Jay-Z, Beyoncé)

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Multi-platinum producer/mixing engineer Lu Diaz (Jay-Z, Beyoncé, DJ Khaled, Pitbull) shows his 4 steps for mixing professional sounding hip-hop vocal leads, ad-libs and vocal sweeteners. Download Lu's presets and learn more: www.waves.com/hi..

How Chopped & Pitched Vocals Took Over Pop Music

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Technology has always been an important part of music’s evolution. In modern music, producers are using programs to cut vocal samples from existing songs and altering their pitch to create something new. Huge hits such as Major Lazer’s “Lean On..

Ultimate Audio Vocal Sound Effects Hip Hop/Dj Sample FX Mp3 2016

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Audio sounds effects hip hop dj samples remix Fx Free Download Mp3 Volume 2

Top 5 | Best Hip Hop & Rap Acapella Vocal Sample Packs | Urban, R&B Vox, Samples, Loops, Sounds

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Check out all Hip Hop Sample Packs | bit.ly/2N32qOz Get These Sounds with FREE 30 Day Loopcloud Trial | bit.ly/35vb9zQ Links to the Top 5 Best Hip Hop Vocal Sample Packs below... Find all of these packs and more in the Loopcloud Store...

sick hip-hop beat (with vocal samples)

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this is a collab beat between 2 crazy produzzas dmt and gully beatz

FREE Real Rasta Vocal Samples for Making Music

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Download FREE Demo Vocals: bit.ly/FREEURBANVOX BUY RASTA VOCAL SAMPLES: bit.ly/RastaVocalSamples3 Try some Free Samples: bitly.com/a/bitlinks?query=1L3fmsU Searching for a thorough high-res compilation of quips, phrases and s..


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⬇ SUBSCRIBE TO NEW MAIN CHANNEL ⬇ ru-clip.net/channel/UCIId365qFhuKOKfxzbVlQ2g NEW AFRO BEAT 💯💥💎 "J Hus, Not3s, Yxng Bane & Mist - Type Beat - “Baby” - {Prod. By BPM}" www.youtube.com/watch?v=0..

[FREE] Melodic Rap Instrumental w/ Vocal Samples "BABE" | Prod. By FrankzGorilla x Sideline Beats

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Purchase Link | Instant Delivery: LINK SOON ! ✉️ Email | frankzgorilla.management@gmail.com 🦍 Instagram |

FREE Rasta Vocal Samples for D&B, Trap, Hip Hop, EDM & more!

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▶▶▶ Download FREE Vocals: bit.ly/FREEURBANVOX BUY RASTA VOCAL SAMPLES: bit.ly/RastaVocalSamples These authentic vocals have been recorded exclusively for Prime Loops courtesy of acclaimed Jamaican vocalist Danman, (AKA Sunny Voi..

HARD TIMES - Deep Storytelling Piano Rap Beat | Instrumental With Vocal Samples

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🔊 HARD TIMES - Deep Storytelling Piano Rap Beat | With Vocal Samples (BPM:91) by Magestick Records 💰 Purchase Link | Download Link : bsta.rs/jp057 🎶 Let's hit 300K! Subscribe here ☛ h..

Make Vocal Samples in Under 2 Minutes!

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You asked, I delivered. Cuz thats what we do. Can we get 1000 likes on this video? Tried to do it in 2 minutes, but I'd need to cut out too much good info inorder to do it haha. In this video, I show you how to make your own vocal sample. Adding v..

FREE! Damn Son! Trap Vocal Sample, Trap Vocal Loops & Royalty Free Trap Vocals

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▶▶▶FREE TRAP SAMPLES: bit.ly/SC_FREEBIES BUY TRAP VOCALS:primeloops.com/official-trap-vocal-samples.html Damn Son, where'd you find this!? If you wanna be the biggest, baddest trap beatmaker in the business, you gotta get some ..

TCustomz Vox Sample Kit Vol 3 DEMO | Hip Hop Vocal Sample Pack (Rock, Funk & Soul Vocal Samples)

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►Download Instantly: bit.ly/vox-kit-vol-3 See the Vox Kit Vol. 1 & 2 Testimonials from SuperStar O, Maschine Masters and more! bit.ly/vox-kit-vol-1 After 14 months since the last official sound kit release... Announcing the TCustomz..

Electro Hip Hop Jam w/ Vocal Samples (OP-1 / Electribe / RC-202 / Volca Bass) WAVFilesSaveLives

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I recycled the drum beat from my previous video, still played through the KORG Electribe. The Roland/BOSS RC-202 has snare and bass drum accents on track A, and a guitar riff on track B. The KORG Volca BASS is looping a brand new bass line. As for ..


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DOWNLOAD HERE www.mediafire.com/?2guymjkjzjn hotfile.com/dl/46151988/a98022a/SCRATCH_SOUNDS.rar.html

Hip Hop & Reggae DJ Scratching Plugin VST for Vocals Samples Loops Tutorial

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Check out the Loop Pack Used - bit.ly/2JCaPqI Check out ShaperBox - bit.ly/2sFQmb1 Access 3.5 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | bit.ly/2NpuxWX The Loop Pack used for this tutorial is by Loopmasters and is from our artist..

Soul Vocals Royalty Free Vocal Samples

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Sultry Songstress's Brianna and Te'La vocal loops and instruments is packed full of New York Jazz and Soul phrases. Contains 100 female Soul vocal loops. Great For Jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B, Hip Hop and Pop. Each loop is set to work perfectly in any arr..

FREE Skrillex Vocal Samples (He used in many songs)

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▶▶▶ 20 FREE SKRILLEX SAMPLES: bit.ly/FREEURBANVOX BUY URBAN & DANCE VOCALS: bit.ly/UrbanDanceVocals Dubwise and Prime Loops are extremely proud to present this unique collection of nearly 400 vocal phrases, loops and samples for..

Mixing Rap & Hip Hop in Pro Tools (Triggering Vocal Samples)

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Mixing & Recording Rap and Hip Hop in Pro Tools, Hosted and Instructed by: Nick A Battistone (Producer/Mixer/Engineer). This tutorial will walk you through taking audio files from your sessions, and loading them onto a sample player (Structure Free)..

Hip Hop Vocal Samples

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www.hiphopvocalsamples.com Visit now for a free

Hip Hop Vocals Samples Pack [Free Downloads]

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Download link:

Vocal Samples by !llmind - Vox Chops feat vocals by Father Dude

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Purchase Here: bit.ly/2YMPdMQ This Sample Pack is Royalty Free "In the world of electronic music production, finding usable vocal samples are hard to come by. Here, I present to you the first kit of its' kind: VOX CHOPS! It features a variet..

Russian Rap Vocals Acapella (Royalty Free) Sample Pack Full Mix vocal samples

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Get The Samples Here ➡️ www.loopmasters.com/genres/57-Vocals/products/8383-Russian-Rap-Vocals/?a_aid=4f3ebd236b8c6 #samplepacks #musicproduction #royaltyfree Affiliate Disclaimer: This description contains affiliate links. If you decide..

Free Vocal Samples Vol.2

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content : 20 samples new kits every saturday, subscribe for more content. Download: drive.google.com/open?id=1GRIrHFhm8GSJYfldJiJM3Q1daQdhSIsO Alternative Download: mega.nz/#F!4ltBwYpI!dFmMDo9P9OEwuy2rSgrwlg Email: sxberinquiries..


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Purchase my sound kits 🌊 : goo.gl/fGvxQX Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat ✅ @kbeazythegod For any serious inquiries email me 📩: kbeazythegod@gmail.com

Vale - Beat 01 - HipHop / Trap / Deep Bass / Vocal Samples

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Check out my beat made with Garageband on my iPhone. THIS IS NOT A FREEBEAT Enjoy Music Enjoy Life

Free Drake + Weeknd Inspired Ambient Vocal Samples & Melodies 2019

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🙌🏻DOWNLOAD 👉🏻bit.ly/2yte5xN 🏆SOURCE 👉🏻bit.ly/2K4KShJ 🎹My Keyboard (Full-Size Keys): 👉🏻🇬🇧amzn.to/2YEi7hl 👉🏻🇺🇸amzn.to/33aTlbV My Monitors: 👉🏻🇬🇧amzn.to..

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