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What Can You Do With a Jailbroken Nintendo Switch in 2019?

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In this video I discuss the pitfalls and benefits of Jailbreaking the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Switch Tutorials RU-clip Playlist:видео.html Switch Tutorials Full Playlist: ht..

Install CFW and Homebrew on Your Nintendo Switch v8.1 + v9.0! | Full Guide for Beginners!

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With CFW on the Nintendo Switch you can do many things like save managing, cheats, region lock removal, playing game backups, emulation and more! In this video, I will show you how to get started with CFW and homebrew! *Timestamps in the pinned com..

7 Things Nintendo Switch Hackers Have Accomplished

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Nintendo Switch is an amazing platform for gamers - but what about people who want to do more? Hackers have done some wild things with The Switch. Here's some you have to see! Subscribe for more: Credit: #7 yout..

Modding The Nintendo Switch Is Awesome, But There Are Consequences...

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Shiny Quagsire, a prominent member of the


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What's on my hacked Nintendo Switch?

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i hak bcus it Kool 😎 not banned (yet) living the risky lyfe 😎

Hacking the Nintendo Switch! Android, Netflix, PS4, and more!

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► Get yourself a Displate: Use code "UFD" for 15% off. ► Join Our Discord: ► Hacking Your Switch: ► Check your Serial Number:

PSP Emulation on Switch is AWESOME! - PPSSPP Standalone Beta Showcase

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The homebrew and emulation scene for the Nintendo Switch has been growing at a rapid pace! Allowing for anything from basic file management to running a completely separate OS like Android or Ubuntu, modders have taken this device by storm. With the ..

How to Homebrew Your Nintendo Switch 5.0.2

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Thanks for watching my

Atmosphere 0.9.4 CFW Nintendo Switch Firmware 9.0.1 - How to install Custom Firmware & Homebrew Menu

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Atmosphere 0.9.4 CFW Nintendo Switch Firmware 9.0.1 - How to install Custom Firmware & Homebrew Menu IsMySwitchPatched Homebrew SDSetup ..

Nintendo Switch Piracy & Hacking - Did You Know Gaming Ft. Dazz

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New Jersey GamerCon Tickets: New Jersey GamerCon Info: (If you buy tickets, please use our link to do so. It helps us out!) In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at Nintendo Switch piracy an..

How to Homebrew Nintendo Switch 9.0.1 (EASY)

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Requirements: 1. RCM JIG (Mine - jig&qid=1560561850&s=gateway&sr=8-4) 2. Usb to usb c (Recommended


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How To Hack Nintendo Switch 9.0.1 Firmware with AtlasNX Kosmos CFW!

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Check your switch serial here : Download Files Here : Signpatches : Make your own paperclip jig here :

I ported Outrun to the Nintendo Switch - Switch RCM Method and Homebrew Dev Setup Guide | MVG

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The Nintendo Switch has been hacked with a simple exploit, and the scene is moving fast! As of May 2018 - Homebrew and emulators have already been released. And as always i decide to investigate whats involved in exploiting the switch, setting up a..

Overclocking the Nintendo Switch!

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► Buy the HD58X Headphones from Massdrop: Sources! ► Hacking Your Switch: ► Check your Serial Number: ► Bootloader: ► FreeBird ..

I've been Censored by Nintendo. Fair Use means nothing | MVG

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Most of my Switch videos have been blocked worldwide by Nintendo. "Fair Use" means nothing. Modding something you own is not illegal, and homebrew is 100% open source and Legal. Do the right thing Nintendo and re-instate my videos. Thank you for..

Switch Tutorials #2 Installing Games (.XCI .NSP) Game Card Backups

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Episode 2 covers how to install .NSP & .XCI file games on your Nintendo Switch running free custom firmware. The video also includes how to dump your game cards to your SD Card and run them without the game card inserted. Episode 1: www.bitc..

Atmosphere 0.9.4 CFW Nintendo Switch Firmware 9.0 - How to install Custom Firmware & Homebrew Menu

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Atmosphere 0.9.4 CFW for Nintendo Switch Firmware 9.0 - How to install Custom Firmware & Homebrew Menu Updated guide for 9.0.1видео.html Atmosphere Hekate https..

Switch Tutorials #6 Handy Homebrew Apps

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Episode 6 of Switch Tutorials is all about showing you how to get more out of your switch with some great homebrew apps that can be found on the homebrew app store. This includes more functionality in the form of media players, web browsers and file ..

Playing Wii Games on Switch?! It's possible!

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Follow the project here: While it's not running flawless yet it's definitely a huge step forwards! Things I haven't shown in this video are other emulators running ..

Switch Tutorials #3 Running Emulators on the Switch

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Episode 3 covers how to install Emulators on the switch. This allows you to play games from older game consoles like the Nintendo 64, PlayStation 1, GameCube and many more. Episode 1: Episode 7: w..

I ported DOOM to the Nintendo Switch in 45 minutes ! | MVG

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A step by step tutorial on how i ported Chocolate Doom over to the Nintendo Switch in about 45 minutes, complete a walkthrough on all the tools i use on the Nintendo Switch and PC in order to test and debug my code. ► Chocolate Doom Port - https:..

Switch Install Apps! (App Store)

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Hi guys, Tech James here, In this video, I will show you guys how to install Homebrew apps & Emulators onto your Switch without connection to the internet! This video is for educational purposes only. ➤ (Homebrew AppStore): www.switchbru..

Nintendo Switch Jailbreak 9.0.0 [Deutsch]

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Dieser Jailbreak funktioniert mit jeder Nintendo SWITCH welche den RCM Bug aufweißt und mit der aktuellsten System Version. Download: Was ist braucht: Prüft ob die Switch gepatcht ist: Speicher Ka..

Don't wait for Gamecube on Switch

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Why wait for the Gamecube Mini or a Nintendo Switch Emulator when you can get HD with the Gamecube you already own. GCHD Mk-II - Gamecube - Nintendo Switch - ⚡️Social Netwo..

Play GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch! (In-Home-Switching AWESOME Homebrew Streaming App!)

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Play GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch! (In-Home-Switching AWESOME Homebrew Streaming App!) Today we take a look at Grand Theft Auto V running on the Nintendo Switch! Indeed the dream becomes a reality thanks to this Switch Homebrew app called "In-Home-Switc..

Nintendo Switch Hack/Jailbreak (Firmware 8.0.1/8.1.0) ► ReiNX installieren ► BESCHREIBUNG LESEN!

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Switch Hack Firmware 8.0.1 und 8.1.0 | ReiNX ► ► Wenn ihr über meine Amazon-Links bestellt, bekomme ich ein Teil des Kaufbetrages ab, also schon mal vielen Dank für eure Bestellungen über..

HOMEBREW - The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker - Nintendo Switch (Dolphin) Performance test - Part 1

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Hello EVERYONE, in this video we will be testing the performance of #Zelda Wind Waker running on the #NintendoSwitch running #Lakka and Dolphin. THIS IS A 2 PART VIDEO!!! HOPE YOU ENJOY. A lot of work has been done to get to this point in the c..

Nintendo Switch Pro - What to expect | MVG

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The Rumors are strong that Nintendo will release a 'Switch Pro' with improved specs aimed at enthusiasts and gamers that want the best possible Switch experience in the Summer of 2019. But what is the Switch Pro and what specification will it run at..

Homebrew Menu Applet Mode For Nintendo Switch CFW

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My Discord Server:

How to install HomeBrew Menu 2.0 on Switch 3.0.0 firmware

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Just installed HB Menu 2.0 and a couple Homebrew apps to test out on my Nintendo Switch with 3.0.0 firmware let's check it out! Just a WARNING when modding a console there is always a chance you can brick it or lose online services such as Eshop and ..

[NINTENDO SWITCH] Custom Firmware installieren

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⚠️ACHTUNG!!! Da muss man zuschlagen!!!⚠️ 🔥ScanDisk MicroSD mit 400GB und 100MB/s für 59€🔥 👉 Hallo zusammen, In diesem Video werden wir eine Custom Firmware (CFW) auf die Nintendo Switsch aufspielen, Dur..

Nintendo BLOCKS Switch Homebrew Videos on YouTube?!

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The Nintendo Switch hacking and Switch homebrew scene is alive and well with various emulators and more, but it seems like Nintendo isn't too pleased about this. ModernVintageGamer has been hit with several claims from Nintendo, including BLOCKING hi..

Beginners Guide to Mod the Nintendo Switch to Play NSP files (Backup Games and Homebrew)

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I recently picked up a used Nintendo Switch to mod, here's a simple explanation of what you'll need to get your system up and running with custom firmware and NSP files. This will let your Switch run Atmosphere, play backup games, and use homebrew fi..


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En este tutorial os enseñare como HACEKAR vuestra NINTENDO SWITCH EN CUALQUIER VERSION. Compra AQUÍ los mejores artículos para hackear tus consolas: ENLACE DE DESCARGA: COMO SABER SI TÚ CONSOLA E..

How to install HomeBrew Menu on Nintendo Switch + JoyCon Tin Foil Trick 1.0.0-5.1.0 firmware RCM

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Just installed Homebrew Menu on my Switch running newest firmware to date 5.0.2. plus new method for modding Joy Con to Exploit console in RCM / Recovery Mode. NXloader App : 1.0...

Android on Switch is... AWESOME!?

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This video is sponsored by Protect your financial identity online using virtual cards and get $5 off your first purchase at GET MERCH: Twitter:

Doom64 EX for Nintendo Switch (Homebrew)

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Doom64 EX for Nintendo Switch. You'll need to convert your N64 Doom64 rom to a WAD file using the provider program in Doom64 EX. I will post links and the getting started guide below. Cheers! "Setup Instruc..

The Nintendo WiiU is awesome in 2018 - Homebrew, Hacks and More | MVG

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► Consider supporting me - In 2018, I take another look at the Nintendo Wii U, mod the console with an exploit known as Haxchi and see what its capable of. Is truly awesome in 2018 after the Switch ate i..

Diablo - Nintendo Switch Homebrew (By MVG)

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Testing out Diablo for the Nintendo Switch. This homebrew port was done by Modern Vintage Gamer. I'll leave a link in the comments and put a card up in the video. You should check out his channel as he has amazing content. Cheers! Nintendo Switch ru..

Switch Hackers Introduce Another Feature We All Want | News Wave Extra

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The hacking community around the Nintendo Switch continues to make advancements with the system from backing up saves to now being able to customize the look of the background and icons. While this gives us a look at what the system could look like d..

Animated Nintendo Switch custom themes are Awesome!

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In this video we take a look at some stunning animated custom themes you can install on a Nintendo Switch capable of running homebrew. All of the themes shown here were created and designed by JBGbeats who is also known as NSX in the Switch scene. If..

How to flash install Android on Nintendo Switch - LineageOS 15.1 Tutorial Guide

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How to flash install Android on Nintendo Switch - LineageOS 15.1 Tutorial Guide LineageOS Download development/rom-switchroot-lineageos-15-1-t3951389 Gapps htt..

Installing atmosphere 9.4 on nintendo switch firmware 9.0.0 New sigpatches new hbgshop!

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sigpatches link was taken down i uploaded the sigpatches to my media fire here: Sigpatches 2.0.0-9.0.0 if you would like to support this channel follow this link: w..

RetroArch running Goldeneye 007 On The Nintendo Switch - HOMEBREW With MrHomebrew

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The one and only #Goldeneye 007 running through #RetroArch on the #NintendoSwitch This is definitely a CLASSIC game and a GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT for it to be running on the Switch. Obviously the frame rate is not 100% but who knows what can happen o..

Nintendo Switch Ban Wave - Will You Get Banned? | Brew News #4

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Thanks for watching #BrewNews! ► Visit my Website! - ► Follow me on Twitter! - ► Join my Discord server! - ► Become a Channel Supporter! - http..

installing custom firmware atmosphere 0.9.1 in latest firmware 8.1.0 nintendo switch 2019

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hey everyone , todays video is just installing latest version atmosphere 0.9.1 into the latest firmware of nintendo switch. hope everyone likes this and is you have any questions you can leave a comment down below and if you wanna reach me faster fo..

How To Hack Nintendo Switch Firmware 8.1.0 With AtlasNX Kosmos v13.2!

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Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that ..

Nintendo Classic Edition emulator for Nintendo Switch Homebrew

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New NES emulator that turns your Nintendo Switch into a NES Classic Edition. Emulator link: Retroarch for Switch:

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