Off axis parabolic mirror


Mitch Ruda, Optical Alignment Techniques: Shack Cube, Off-Axis Parabola

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Dr. Mitch Ruda teaches a short course on optical alignment techniques. In this video, he discusses use of a Shack Cube and an off-axis parabola.

90851 Inline Tunable off-axis parabolic mirrors Telescope

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Dr. Mitch Ruda teaches a short course on optical alignment techniques. In this video, he discusses use of a Shack Cube and an off-axis parabola.

Spherical & parabolic mirrors

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In this video, we will explore two kinds of curved mirrors, parabolic and spherical mirrors. Created by Mahesh Shenoy

Parabolic Mirror

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Explore how parabolic mirror reflect light using laser light and acrylic mirror. You can construct parabola as per instructions given in this video.видео.html

Mirror Equation 2 - Object off axis

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Here we will see what happens when an object is kept off axis in front of a mirror :) Happy physicsing Follow me on facebook

Nibiru Evening Report Speaking on My New Parabolic Mirror Arrived from Green Power Science and Now D

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This amazing video is proudly presented by our sponsor || SIZZLE CITY || Strings of Bling and Other Shiny Things || Call or Visit Us Today || || 626.274.6028 || Today we received our 38 Inch Parabolic Dish from Green Power Scien..

Diamond turning off-axis parabola on-axis - slow slide servo

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Slow Slide Servo diamond turning is Nanotechs advanced ultra precision approach to 3-axis freeform optical manufacturing. Shown here is an off axis parabolic aluminum mirror surface which has been positioned on center of the spindle for another demo..

Telescope Mirror Making: Part 3, Rough Grinding

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After hogging the mirror blank to depth, the rough grinding stage begins. In this video I am grinding with 60/90 grit. The wets are lasting about 90 seconds to 2 minutes.

DIY TELESCOPE primary mirror off-axis TESTING

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DIY telescope death ray.видео.html This is the first in a series of tests for developing an optical telescope mirror from a strash can lid. The optical aberration is dramatically reduced with the addition of a shroud ..

Parabolizing a 12 inch F/7.6 parabolic mirror

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How I figured a 12 inch F/7.6 BVC primary for a Chief telescope using a Zygo interferometer.

What Is the Difference Between a Spherical & Parabolic Mirror? : Physics & Science Lessons

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Subscribe Now: Watch More: The difference between a spherical and parabolic mirror is one that is relatively easy to express. Learn about the dif..

Liquid nitrogenium in a parabolic mirror

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Casting a $20 Million Mirror for the World’s Largest Telescope

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Building a mirror for any giant telescope is no simple feat. The sheer size of the glass, the nanometer precision of its curves, its carefully calculated optics, and the adaptive software required to run it make this a task of herculean proportions. ..

TELESCOPES: How To Make ADVANCED - SILVER - Coated Telescope Mirrors.

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For all videos - write: jessie johnson into youtube. Share this video. Subscribe. How to make ADVANCED silver coated mirrors for optical frequencies. There are many types of telescopes for different electromagnetic frequencies. Silver is the most ref..

2 kilowatt solar heat ray Preview Parabolic Solar Array for the Death Ray

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This is a preview to the adjustable 2 kilowatt parabolic solar array. Planning on a design similar to the James Webb Space Telescope. These are 12 sided as hexagons do not stretch well with the mylar.видео.html&list..

Solar Death Ray 10,000 suns 48" DIY Giant Archimedes Parabolic Mirror Reflector

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This solar ray of Archimedes styled death is how he would have use dthe power of the sun for solar thermal applications Low cost solar cooker. Homemade DIY solar parabolic death ray mirror for solar cooking. This is similar to the parabolic heat cook..

Making a parabolic mirror

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Metal Spinning of a parabolic mirror. diameter: 18,5 inch

[ZIMMER117] R717 - Sonar

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taken from ZIMMER117 - R717 - Negative Mirror audio: R717 video: hands of doom free download: The Mangin mirror’s construction consists of a concave (negative meniscus) lens m..

DIY Telescope: Polishing the Mirror

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Up until now, we’ve used abrasive grits to remove the glass, but now we’ll be using a polishing compound called Cerium oxide to put the finishing touches to the mirror allowing it to begin reflecting it’s first light

Spatio-temporal fs pulse modeling with VirtualLab

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The webinar will provide you a good overview, how VirtualLab can be used for the control and analysis of ultrashort optical pulses. The following topics will be discussed in detail: ultra-short pulse representation in VirtualLab, pulse propagation th..

Thorlabs Optical Lens Production

Просмотров 44 тыс. | 5 лет назад For in-house spherical and aspherical optic production, Thorlabs has Satisloh grinders and polishers, a Satisloh C-25L for centration and custom shaping, a Nanotech 450UPL diamond point t..

Lens and Mirror Making for the ATM #9

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Parabolic mirror testing

STEAM ENGINE 12KW GENERATOR Solar Mirror Array Death Ray

Просмотров 1,2 млн | 10 лет назад This is the first video from our "Viewers Video" segment where we showcase GreenPowerScience inspired work or other work that offers great ideas in the Green Energy Field. Joe Carruth built this by himself and th..

How To Align A Laser System

Просмотров 46 тыс. | 4 года назад
Join Chris Williams as he briefly explains the basics of how to align a laser system onto a target. Covering the difference between a Z-fold laser pattern and a Figure 4 pattern, as well as how to use Edmund Optics laser mirrors with our kinematic mo..

Grinding a 25-Inch F3 Telescope Mirror: Thinning and Flattening the Back

Просмотров 284 тыс. | 4 года назад
Gordon started with a 2" thick telescope mirror that weighed about 70 pounds. By thinning the blank, he's lightened the mirror by about 20 pounds! This video explains how he ground off the excess glass and flattened the back to begin fabrication of..

PB7220 Series THz Spectrometer Head Versatility

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We show how versatile the PB7220 series of Bakman Technologies frequency domain terahertz spectrometers are with this video. The source and detector heads may be removed from the rail system and easily mounted on off-axis parabolic mirror cubes that ..

Physics - Spherical and Parabolic Mirrors

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How to Aluminize Telescope Mirrors

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Ensure you enable subtitles (click on "CC" bottom-right) to help where the sound is not audible. Modern optical telescope use mirrors and very few lenses. Unlike bathroom mirrors, where the shiny layer is sealed in to the back of the glass, telescope..

New Off-Axis Telescope Design for Amateur Astronomers

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How would you like to own a telescope that has the same design as some of the world's best observatories? The off-axis telescope is unique in that there is no secondary obstruction to mess up your image but the mirror configuration is not easy to co..

Coating operation of an 8 meter telescope mirror at Paranal

Просмотров 99 тыс. | 2 года назад
Timelapse movie that shows the full mirror coating sequence of a large telescope mirror at ESO's Very Large Telescope on Cerro Paranal in Chile. The movie compresses an 8 day operation into 12 minutes.

Single Point Diamond Turning: EO Build-to-Print Manufacturing

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Edmund Optics utilizes Diamond Turning to produce a wide range of high precision optical components. Single Point Diamond Turning is a manufacturing technique for producing off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors, off-axis elliptical (OAE) mirrors, and othe..

Lab 6: Off Axis Aberrations

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Group 4B Josh Brent Amber Luttmann Thomas Myers

Diamond turning a large fixture

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This is a fixture for a set of off-axis parabolic mirrors, being single-point diamond turned on a Moore Nanotech Freeform Generator

Trash can lid to Parabolic Mirror DIY telescope mirror Signal booster Faster 3G/4G

Просмотров 193 тыс. | 6 лет назад This simple process forms a very good parabolic mirror shape across a smaller scale. This trash can lid will cook in a 4" cast iron skillet. Because the Mylar is metal, you can gather all types of so..


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Part 2. Solar Training, Understanding optics of Parabolic Mirrors and Fresnel Lenses. Cheap Telescope astronomy. Telescope first surface mirror. PART 1 IS HERE:видео.html

Solar parabolic mirror in winter, Lithuania

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It is made of an old satellite dish, covered by aluminum foil. An aluminum foil is of the popcorn packets, attached to disc with glue.

Tech Talk 2 - Parabolic Mirror Laser

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CPI 101 Project

Parabolic Mylar mirror

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Parabolic mirror using mylar/BoPET and air pressure

Simple Parabolic Mirror

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I have been looking for simple ways to make parabolic mirrors for some time and this is the simplest method I know of. It is the reverse of a larger design by NightHawkInLight and is suitable for a range of basic solar-thermal experiments such as fir..

Parabolic Mirror Test

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Sun Tracker Heliostat Parabolic Mirror Solar Cooking

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Solar sun tracker heliostat for a parabolic mirror solar cooker. This is the latest version of the sun tracker that works excellent. This unit can also be us..

Off-Axis Image Formation

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Shows astigmatism caused by off-axis imaging by a spherical lens

How To Make Parabolic Mirrors From emergency blanket & trash can lid

Просмотров 2 тыс. | 5 лет назад
DIY Parabolic Mirror from a trash can lid & Emergency Blanket. A skill everyone should know !

How to make a Reflector Telescope Part 2

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This is part 2 of the tutorial on how to make a newtonian reflector telescope. In this part we make the Tube assembly which is the actual telescope with the mirror and eyepiece. Just a cardboard tube, a few parts and a few tools. I take you through t..

Telescope Mirror Making: Part 1

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Part 1 of me grinding and polishing a 12.5 inch telescope mirror. I'm using a home built fixed post or spin grinder.

A 30 inch parabolic reflector

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Physics Class!

Can I replicate Thomas Kim's Archimedes burning mirror

Просмотров 363 | Год назад
Can I replicate Thomas Kim's Archimedes burning mirror. You will see I get enough success for a proof of concept. You will also see I am struggling to find any sun in my garden and my mirror is partially shadowed by my fence. At a different time of d..

How to Make a Telescope - 8 Inch Newtonian Reflector (Part 1)

Просмотров 392 тыс. | 3 года назад
Get Will's Telescope book and start enjoying the night sky tonight! This is a tutorial on how to make a telescope (part 1 of 2). We make an eight inch Newtonian Reflector telescope. If you ..

Liquid Mirror Telescopes

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Propagating the awesome project Photos in order of appereance:

Making a Hexagonal Mylar Mirror

Просмотров 28 тыс. | 6 лет назад
After one abortive attempt, we made a good, hexagonal, mylar mirror. We'll be using it inside the BeeCell at the Ganna Walska Lotusland show, Swarm: A Collaboration with Bees.

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