Osu stream companion


How to get the New PP Counter & Visualizer for osu!

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forum page: github.com/Piotrekol/StreamCompanion/releases/tag/v190314.19 Stream Companion Download: github.com/Piotrekol/StreamCompanion/releases thank you

How to set up "Now Playing" on your Osu! Live Stream

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OVERLAYS & GFX for Streamers & Content Creators ► bit.ly/2G0RZII Equipment I use ► bit.ly/2HEx7IS Skin ► bit.ly/2HBHP2U ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ⭐ Social ..

How To Stream Osu! On Twitch!

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Sorry for the very bad mic quality ;w; So today I decided to make a tutorial on how to make your stream layout for osu! This will be a full in depth tutorial (hence the long video) on how to setup... - Game Capture for osu! - Overlay - Chatbox - Fol..

Osu! Now Playing - Generating .txt files issues (fixed)

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stream companion: osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/209616 How to set up Now Playing: ru-clip.net/video/EIp7A03UVQA/видео.html How to stream like a pro: ru-clip.net/video/bogjMGvLxXw/видео.html 【Profile】osu.ppy.sh/u/4959882 【Twitch】 twitch.tv/notprojectace..

[Live] -GN | Various Artists - osu! Stream Compilation [EXE] +FL 98.82% 3757x {520pp 3❌} - osu!

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-GN's Profile: osu.ppy.sh/u/895581 -GN's Skin: ck1t.ru/u GN Map: osu.ppy.sh/b/86044?m=0 | 👇 Open the description for more information 👇 { "-GN" Social links } - RU-clip: w..

Livestream archive: osu! stream companion dev (live pp counter)

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Archive of stream on 2019/02/03, where I worked on a stream companion/pp counter. Audio gets better at around 3 minutes in. Broadcasted live on Twitch Watch live at www.twitch.tv/holly_hacker

osu!StreamCompanion - Счетчик PP на стрим

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Большинство ссылок я оставил в описании. Думаю, что там есть что-то полезное для тебя) Download: osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/209616 Моя страница в VK:..

osu!MemoryToolkit: Stream Companion

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Showing off a stream tool I built into osu!MemoryToolkit! Sorry if I am hard to understand, I seem to randomly skip parts of words or say them wrong. If you have any suggestions for things to add, feel free to leave a comment.

Get a PP counter in Osu without OBS

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link of plugin : osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/685031 direct link for download: github.com/OsuSync/Sync/releases/download/v2.18/Sync.7z very important (readme) link of instructions : osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/697214 if I read..

How To Get A PP Counter in osu!

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Download Sync Here: osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/685031 My Profile: osu.ppy.sh/u/11218620 My Skin: bit.ly/NarratorSkin My Discord: discord.gg/xFsQgNx My Twitter:

New pp counter (for streamers) {osu!assist}

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👇 Open the description for more information 👇 ┍ ┃ Info ┃ Skin: ck1t.ru/s-640 ┃ Music: Elektronomia & JJD - Free [NCS Release] ┕ ┃ ┍ ┃ Links ┃ Together with the public: bit.ly/osuskins ..


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Приватный стрим Чат = www.twitch.tv/xxdstem


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Приватный стрим Чат = www.twitch.tv/xxdstem

Speedcoding: osu!HOPE stream companion (+ download)

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Hello! Made my first speedcoding video in 2 years, and the very first video which I actually edited. Even though the original quality was decent, the video quality of the final video on youtube looks pretty bad. Sorry for that! Again, connected to R..


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Приватный стрим Чат = www.twitch.tv/xxdstem

How To Get An osu! PP Counter

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Forum post: osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/685031 Github Plugins: github.com/OsuSync/RealTimePPDisplayer/wiki/How-to-setup-obs-plugins-when-you-are-playing-osu!-fullscrren PPFormat: anotepad.com/notes/7iag9k Twitch: www.twitch...

Osu! - How did I FC this part?

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Osu! Profile: osu.ppy.sh/users/11945732 Map: osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/391953#osu/901234 Skin: Custom Skin Mouse: Logitech G703 Keyboard: Logitech G610 Orion Red Mousepad: Amazon Basics Gaming Mousepad Settings: Resolution: 1920 x 108..

How to make a !np command on Twitch for osu! streamers!

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Sorry for the static noise in the background, my headset mic is like half-broken. Hey guys! This is a short tutorial on how to make a !np command on Twitch for osu! streamers. Some viewers might ask for the beatmap link so they can download it for ..

osu! World Cup #5 Finals: Poland vs Japan (2014)

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Match #1 results: osu.ppy.sh/mp/11117046 warm-up maps: 2:17 xi - .357 Magnum 7:12 xi - Blue Zenith Grand Finals - 1st match (Bo11): 1st map: 15:40 MYTK - Yggdrasil 2nd map: 22:00 U - Ha-tenya? 3rd map: 29:40 Awake - Supernova 4th map: 34:5..

How to get the Real Time PP Calculator for osu! streams!

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short video on something im interested in! calculator - osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/685031 BGM - soundcloud.com/ke1o/starlight social ▼▼▼ discord - discord.gg/2JCYUyG Twitter -

[Tuto Osu!] Stream Osu! avec OBS sur Facebook + Overlay dynamique

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Bonjour tout le monde. Ce tuto vous permettra de stream osu sur facebook mais également de créer un overlay dynamique. Je vous donne les liens des logiciels set sources que vous aurez besoin. Lien d'OBS obsproject.com/ Lien de Osu!Stream..

osu! - 96Neko - Paintings? Oh, yeah. [Insane]

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Played by mortiii on 6.4.2014 Beatmap by Charles445 music: 96Neko - Paintings? Oh, yeah. download the map here: osu.ppy.sh/b/173015 skin: mxpure v1.04 www.mediafire.com/download/9tmc0eharg1sbvm/mxpure104.osk - outd..

Osu! Stream Overlay Template +(How To Use)

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Download Link : SUBSCIBE mega.nz/#!hN01GQiK!laOkjAeeEfstDhdw9gcB2CgVikNxS9ATDq8DIlZn7mk TAGS overlay,stream,stream template,overlay template,osu stream overlay,stream overlay,twitch overlay template,template,naruto stream overlay,photo..

How to stream better in osu!

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Could have been done better but oh well skin: puu.sh/onQSt/df54db9ebb.osk profile: osu.ppy.sh/u/3845031

Como agregar el "Now Playing" en Osu! (Para Directos)

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Link del foro: osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/209616 Mi Perfil: osu.ppy.sh/u/11511184 Twitter:

stream companion not working xd

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Support the stream: streamlabs.com/multy Play area: i.imgur.com/zBF46BL.png (ingame sensitivity 1.00) Tablet: XP pen tablet G640 Keyboard: some cheap ass mechanical keyboard i bought off of amazon for £20

Why I'm not uploading osu! videos right now

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Most likely a driver issue, since it started happening right after I installed new ones. I attached a debugger and the game just seems to throw StackOverflowExceptions and OutOfMemoryExceptions in seemingly random places. fml Skin is a mishmash of v..

How to make a Custom Stream Overlay

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OVERLAYS & GFX for streamers & Content Creators ► bit.ly/2G0RZII Equipment I use ► bit.ly/2HEx7IS Skin ► bit.ly/2HBHP2U ⭐ Social Media 📺 TWITCH ➔ twitch.tv/notprojectace 🐦 TWITTER ➔ twitter.c..

Trying out the osu! real-time PP Calculator

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What do you think about it? Looks pretty dope if you ask me. Try it out: osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/685031 - If you enjoy my content, don't hesitate to like the video and subscribe to my channel! ❤ Map: osu.ppy.sh/s/596704 Player: filsdela..

Create Stream Overlays without Photoshop or Software

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OVERLAYS & GFX ► bit.ly/2G0RZII Equipment I use ► bit.ly/2HEx7IS Skin ► bit.ly/2HBHP2U ⭐ Social Media 📺 TWITCH ➔ twitch.tv/notprojectace 🐦 TWITTER ➔

Osu! PP counter, Now playing added

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Support the stream: streamlabs.com/kapsi and loots.com/en/tip-jars/k4psi

me coding with the osu api

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vs2017 = good song = Rainbow Girl S3RL

How to make a simple osu streaming overlay! - Photoshop

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Sorry for little stress, but i didn't used to make videos with voice. I try my best to chill while recordind. 70 Likes and i will give a download link for template of this overlay! Template - www.mediafire.com/?85vut30gkrpypny (To make this..

[OSU! With Superbia93] A New Companion - The Presentation of Shirokoneko [HD]

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The Video in conjuntion with other User. New Companions in the Comunity. ✦ Audio, by: Shirokoneko (Superbia93). ✦ Images: Highschool DxD (Akeno Himejima). ✦ Music: Ib BGM - Doll. ..

osu! Fundamentals: Tablet Input Lag

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Proper Wacom Drivers (Intuos): www.mediafire.com/download/s5o6bqdozobr4hd/WacomTablet_6.3.9w5.exe FixMyPen: github.com/saveenr/Fix_My_Pen/releases/download/v1/ViziblrFixMyPen-.2011.08.15.zip Figured something like this specifically f..


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Today, I'm reviewing the S56K tablet from GAOMON for osu!. If you enjoy watching my content, please leave a like and subscribe! :D GAOMON Website: gaomon.net Buy the tablet: FR: amzn.to/2cEOEjI IT: amzn.to/2cvkPyS Aliexpress: h..

osu! - ZAQ - Sparkling Daydream [Insane] FC

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It may not seem very impressive to you but I WAS SO DAMN SCARED I'd drop the combo!!! :D Played by mortiii on 28.10.2014 Beatmap by Natsu music: ZAQ - Sparkling Daydream download the map here: osu.ppy.sh/b/315354&m=0 ski..

New Stream/Video osu! Overlay (Test video)

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I did a replay cause I'm just testing the overly, it isn't fully finished yet. Also I'm slowly improving, I guess. osu! Profile: osu.ppy.sh/u/11626318 Skin: ru-clip.net/video/Z4oyFYFEDo4/видео.html (I didn't make the skin, but I did add a..

osu! | Tamura Yukari - Fantastic future (TV Size) [SC's Insane] + HDDT FC

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Sorry my mic was muted and the stream companion thing was stuck lmao also i tried editing this but Davinci Resolve doesn't seem to like this clip XD 258 bpm lil streams owo getting more consistent at speedy thingies Skin is private. Watch live at: h..


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Se inscrevam no canal e não se esqueçam de clicar no Gostei e adicionar o vídeo aos Favoritos ;) grande abraço! Twitch: www.twitch.tv/okinawaosu Please Give me Suppoter!!! Please D;osu.ppy.sh/u/3474029 Twitter: @StreamTV2 Faceb..

osu! I Yu Tokiwa - Shounen Ripples [Nevo's Expert] I HD SS #30

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lul 318 PP Profile : osu.ppy.sh/users/3618513 Map : osu.ppy.sh/beatmapsets/763619#osu/1611251 Skin : circle-people.com/skins/?osu=Karthy&download=0 Check out my Twitch : www.twitch.tv/synex_osu my reaction to thi..

My osu! companion

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This is how I have to play osu! these days. For anyone wondering about the map: Lifetheory - Fairy osu.ppy.sh/s/158820

osu! Ripple Test Recording (OBS Studio + Overlay Test)

Просмотров 173 | 2 года назад
Don't hate on the play, its a test lol

Обзор игры OSU by Speede

Просмотров 157 | 4 года назад
Описание: Немножко демонстрации OSU чуть-чуть News. Автор ролика: ru-clip.net/user/TheKillerOFallLevelS Ссылка на плейлист с мувиками от Кирилла: http:/..

osu!BackgroundChanger release

Просмотров 600 | 2 года назад
Yay, another video. I'll try to add subtitles, so turn those on if you wish :) I have something pretty cool coming soon, but it'll be just a showcase (no release). Github: github.com/HoLLy-HaCKeR/osu-BackgroundChanger

DeepBot and OSU, make a pp command. My script FREE

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www.twitch.tv/TheGamingMaik When I find someone who's offering me a good server I'll make a update video ;) Downlaods Script: github.com/TheGamingMaik/OsuApi-Decoded Winamp: www.wampserver.com/en/ Get Yor API KEY: osu.ppy..

trying to teach streams osu

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Let you leave a like. Music: bit.ly/2HHJhfv I m doing this just for fun. Discord: discord.gg/FFYUdUA Private server: dev.moomoo.io ..

osu! liveplay (60fps) - farming high bpm HDDT (250bpm+) Top 10 scores

Просмотров 67 | Месяц назад
some top 10 scores farming, 1080p60fps, no video cuts (stream companion doesn't detect mods half the time, so that's why mods is no mod half the time) maps fced/highlights: 16:43 - #2 on LiSA - ANTIHERO [TESTO'S HARD] 1st hddt SS 19:14 - #3 on LiSA ..

can someone explain this grip

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stream companion not showing diff oops - stardust diff map: osu.ppy.sh/b/837877

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