Two rock studio pro 22 ss combo


Two-Rock Studio Pro 35 Combo

Просмотров 51 тыс. | 5 лет назад Two-Rock Studio Pro 35 Combo: Typ: Vollröhrenverstärker Serie: Studio Pro Kanäle: 1 Leistung: 35 Watt Lautsprecher: 1 x 12 Zoll Two Rock 1265 made by WGS Röhren Vorstufe: 4 x 12AX7, 1 x 12..

Two-Rock Traditional Clean by Guitars Rebellion

Просмотров 8 тыс. | 11 месяцев назад
Two-Rock Traditional Clean by Guitars Rebellion Before watching this video, make sure you have HIGH QUALITY monitors ! Where can I buy the Two-Rock Traditional Clean? FRANCE & EUROPE: www.guita..

Two-Rock Sensor 22 Combo

Просмотров 16 тыс. | 5 лет назад Two-Rock Sensor 22 Combo: Typ: Röhren-Gitarrencombo Kanäle: 2 (Clean und Lead) Leistung: 22 Watt Class A/B Impedanz: 4/8/16 Ohms Lautsprecher: 1 x 12 Zoll Celestion Creamback Röhren Vorstufe: 5..

Two Rock Cardiff Amplifier | Reverb Video Demo

Просмотров 20 тыс. | 3 года назад
A deliciously perfect combination of classic British breakup with the pure, chiming cleans that Two Rock is so capable of delivering, the Cardiff 15W amp head serves up some serious tonal shaping capabilities. The range you get with the Cardiff is im..

Two-Rock Coral - Tone Sampler

Просмотров 33 тыс. | 5 лет назад
In this clip we played the amp with P90s, humbuckers, single coils, and Filter'trons to demonstrate the wide variety of tones available from Coral.

Elite Music Sales -Two Rock Coral

Просмотров 8 тыс. | 5 лет назад
Short demo of the Two Rock Coral

Two-Rock 10th Anniversary 50 watt tube rectified version Package #36 - Organigrama Guitars

Просмотров 4,4 тыс. | 10 лет назад
Its hard to believe weve been manufacturing guitar amps for 10 years. Weve weathered a recession,(going on two), four moves, and a flood that nearly ended our company. Its been a bumpy ride, but today Two-Rock is alive and well. And were celebrating ..

Ruokangas Duke Emperor - The Little Big Acoustic Electric

Просмотров 577 | 6 месяцев назад
Antti Paranko plays his song 'Arms Wide Open' with his custom made Duke Emperor acoustic electric. Played through a Two-Rock Exo 15 -amp to a 1x12" Two-Rock cab. Recorded with Shure SM57. Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor was used on the solo tra..

Two-Rock Bi-Onyx Amp: Tone Review And Demo

Просмотров 10 тыс. | 6 лет назад
This Two-Rock Bi-Onyx 50 Watt Amplifier Head has a clean channel that produces the luscious clean sounds Two-Rock is known for and a lead channel that offers warm, thick overdriven sounds. The volume boost on both channels will give you that extra ed..

PTD PlexiBender & RotoPlex strutin' those sweet Plexi PreAmps!

Просмотров 213 | 3 года назад
I'm still running my two new PTD Sonic Masterpieces through their paces, and thought if one set of Hi/Lo Plexi Pre's DIMED sounded good - I bet another would be even better. Lady Logic did not disappoint - as together they took my Two Rock Studio Pr..

Friedman JJ Jr Metal Demo

Просмотров 2,8 тыс. | 5 месяцев назад
This video is intended to demonstrate the direct XLR output recording capabilities of the Friedman JJ Jr. Amp in a genre similar to what the amp was designed to perform within. Jerry Cantrell and Dave Friedman spent years perfecting the "JJ" sound...

Connecting pedals to the effects loop...revisited

Просмотров 131 тыс. | 3 года назад
In April of this year (2016) I created a video showing why you'd want to run some effects through the effects loop of an amp when possible. I had some comments asking me specifically *how* to connect them to the effects loop. As a result, I've create..

Fender Amp & Guitar Show @ Rock Hard Festival 2016

Просмотров 715 | 3 года назад
Weitere Infos: Die FENDER AMP & GUITAR SHOW hat auch in diesem Jahr erneut einen Stopp auf dem Rock Hard Festival 2016 in Gelsenkirchen eingelegt, um einen umfassenden Einblick in die Fender-Welt zu bieten..

Two-Rock Crystal 50W Live Demo at Musikmesse 2014

Просмотров 4 тыс. | 5 лет назад Come ogni anno, Marzo è il mese in cui è protagonista la più importante fiera di strumenti musicali del vecchio continente, il Musikmesse di Francoforte, e noi di MusicOff anche sta..

Breathe - Pink Floyd

Просмотров 42 | 3 года назад
74 LP Custom, Jam Man Express Looper, Tech 21 OD/Boost, Strymon Dig, stereo thru Fender Twin & Two Rock Studio Pro 35

A/DA APP-1 PEDAL PREAMP (No talking): PRS Studio, Eventide SPACE and Laney L50H

Просмотров 27 тыс. | 7 лет назад Built by the iconic A/DA (David Tarnowski), the APP-1 is a pedal preamp featuring D-Torsion Core technology that offers astounding dynamics, features and sound. From the A/DA website: "The APP-1 offers three devices in one..

Fender Super Champ X2 Guitar Amplifier

Просмотров 547 тыс. | 7 лет назад
Fender Super Champ X2 Guitar Amplifier Demo. Buy it on Sweetwater - (affiliate link) These little Fender amps are really awesome. They are the perfect practice amp full of good tube tones as well as perfect for any home or..

Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Stereo Guitar Amplifier | Gear4music demo

Просмотров 2,9 тыс. | 11 месяцев назад
For more information on this product: The Roland JC-40 is a versatile reissue of the classic JC-120 Jazz Chorus combo amplifier but in a compact size and with a powerful 40 watt output through the dual 10 inch speakers. Deli..

Fender Super Sonic 22 guitar amplifier demo with American Standard Stratocaster

Просмотров 398 тыс. | 9 лет назад The new version of the Supersonic from Fender now has a 6V6 tube power amp section. Based on the Deluxe Reverb power section, it has a very clean tone paired with an ultra smooth overdrive..

Friedman JJ Jr. and Doug Rappoport - Heavy AIC-style Jam!

Просмотров 14 тыс. | 4 месяца назад
I am a MASSIVE Jerry Cantrell and AIC fan!! It was an absolute pleasure to get to play this amazing amplifier! Coming in at 4 minutes and 20 seconds... please enjoy and SUBSCRIBE!! JERRY CANTRELL SIGNATURE - 2 Channel - 20-Watt Head The JJ-Junio..

Fender Super-Sonic 22 vs Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb (Clean Test)

Просмотров 179 тыс. | 7 лет назад
Fender SuperSonic 22 vs Fender Deluxe Reverb (Clean Test) Guitar Wizard Brian showing us the difference between his Super-Sonic 22 on clean and my Fender Deluxe Reverb on the Clean .

Two-Rock Custom Reverb Signature V3 - Fender Strat Stevie Ray Vaughn Clip 2.m4v

Просмотров 14 тыс. | 9 лет назад
Demo of the NEW Two-Rock Custom Reverb Signature V3 amplifier, played with a Fender Stratocaster. This clip is of the 50 Watt version SS rectified with 6L6 valves optimized. This clip is an example of a Stevie Ray Vaughn song . Find this clip and mor..

Top 10 Best Sounding Clean Amps EVER!

Просмотров 176 тыс. | Год назад
Top 10 Best Sounding Clean Amps EVER! Links: Robert's Guitar Dungeon Merch Store on Teespring: All of the gear used in my videos is available on my Amazon Influencer page!

PHIL X " S T I N K S " on a Scala UNDERDOG 01539

Просмотров 115 тыс. | 6 лет назад 2013 Scala Guitars Underdog (with 'Sound Vents' design). This beautiful guitar was specially made for us by Leo Scala. It weighs just 7.90 lbs. Solid one-piece ma..

SRV '64 Fender Vibroverb "Cesar Diaz" Modded Amplifier (Stratocaster)

Просмотров 72 тыс. | 6 лет назад
This is the Cesar Diaz Modded '64 Vibroverb Amplifier from Fender. It's a reissue of the classic amplifier that SRV made famous. Due to the continued popularity of Stevie Ray Vaughan, in 2001 Fender began collaborating with Cesar Diaz to re-create ..

Magnatone Panoramic Stereo Demo

Просмотров 3,8 тыс. | 10 месяцев назад
Hello! Welcome to Austin Guitar House on RU-clip! Please subscribe to our channel and visit us at MAGNATONE PANORAMIC STEREO DEMO 0:05 Combo Clean with Vibrato 1:10 Overview 2:20 Control Panel 3:05 Cosmetics 3:25 Mic..

That Pedal Show – Using Drive & Preamp Pedals In Your Amp FX Loop

Просмотров 117 тыс. | 2 года назад
Welcome to That Pedal Show! Please subscribe to our channel and visit our store In this episode Daniel and Mick explore the possibilities of using drives, boosts and preamps directly into your amplifier’s effects..

Freekish Blues M22 Rock Crusher Pedal Demo

Просмотров 9 тыс. | 8 лет назад
Freekish Blues M22 Rock Crusher Pedal Demo Meet Lee and myself at Chapman Guitars: Monkey Lord Forum: Monkey Lord Store..

George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe | Fender

Просмотров 278 тыс. | 7 лет назад
Fender is proud to honor world-famous jazz guitarist and pop artist George Benson with his very own signature amp. In this video clip, Benson shares his long history with Fender amps and explains what he was looking for in his signature Hot Rod Delux..

The Fender Super Sonic 22 Amps - taming the beast! Hiss sss!

Просмотров 3,4 тыс. | Год назад
I´ve had one of these terriffic Fender Super Sonic 22 Amps on my workingbench. And after all the complaints and discussions about this phenomenal sounding amps I decided to give some nice solutions to solve some of the weaknesses of the Beast. If ..

AHUJA SSA250M vs SSA250DP vs BR 250M Booster power amplifiers Review

Просмотров 85 тыс. | Год назад
watch comparision between AHUJA SSA250M vs SSA250DP vs BR 250M Booster power amplifiers Review BUY amplifiers from Amazon online click below- 1.AHUJA AMPLIFIER 2.Ahuja 3.Ahuja BR 250..

Mateus Signature Suhr & Benson Amps Monarch Reverb | QuickTake | Barnett Music Exchange

Просмотров 59 | 17 дней назад
The Benson Amps Monarch Reverb paired with the Black Gloss Mateus Signature Suhr makes for the ultimate boutique pairing from heaven. Take a listen as Sean Fisher takes this ultimate pairing for a spin in the latest version of QuickTake Mateus Signa..

Orange 기타앰프 Rockerverb50H

Просмотров 2 тыс. | 7 лет назад
Orange 기타앰프 Rockerverb50H

SUHR Corso Guitar Amplifier Head and Suhr Classic T Antique Guitar at Sounds Great

Просмотров 30 тыс. | 6 лет назад
The Suhr Head The Suhr Corso Recording Amplifier is the ideal studio companion. Corso is an all-tube (12BH7, 12AX7 & 12AT7) no compromise variable wattage amplifier that provides players with all the tone and character of a high powered amplifier in ..

FENDER Bronco Amp Demo

Просмотров 57 тыс. | 8 лет назад
Here is a short little demo of a 90's Fender Bronco Amplifier. 2 Channels. Guitar: Airline Tuxedo Mic: SHURE SM57 fender bronco amp amplifier amplifiers tweed 15 watts airline tuxedo shure sm57 guitar blues

Gear test = Money

Просмотров 455 | 5 лет назад
Ruokangas Pete Cornish SS-3 Ep Booster h&K Replex Two-Rock OD Sig. Two-Rock 2x12 Signature

Two Notes PI-101 WoS - Paramètres Variphi et Overload

Просмотров 2,8 тыс. | 7 лет назад
Paramètres Variphi et Overload du PI-101 WoS de Two Notes - | NOS NOUVEAUTES : Retrouvez le meilleur d’Audiofanzine chaque semaine en vidéo : | Nos comparatifs de logiciels et matériel audio : | Nos..

Suhr Pete Thorn Signature Standard • SN: JS9K4R

Просмотров 8 тыс. | 5 месяцев назад
THE GUITAR IN THIS VIDEO HAS SOLD! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CHECK OUT MORE! A player of Pete Thorn’s caliber doesn’t put his name on any old guitar, and this black beauty lives up to the hype! Pete has played with everyone from Melissa Etheridge ..

Amp Fest 2013 High Gain 3

Просмотров 9 тыс. | 6 лет назад
A shootout of some of the finest high gain and modded amps anywhere! Featuring Todd Stricklin. Click Show More For Amp List. 0:13 '71 Marshall Super Tremolo (Friedman Brown Eye) 2:41 Cameron CCV (Brad Version) 3:55 Cameron CCV (Original Version) 5:0..

Does anyone know this amplifier? Beatles, rock n roll stuff...

Просмотров 209 | 5 лет назад
Some sound out of this vintage unknown italian amp: it's called Diam Amico Ten, it's SOLID STATE and seems 40 years old, does anyone have more info about it? It has one 4 inch speaker, one volume control and one tone control, on the rear panel there'..

Big Rock - Ready and willing live at 8Ball, Sesvete, Zagreb (2.7.2011)

Просмотров 689 | 8 лет назад
Big Rock - Ready and willing (Whitesnake) live at 8Ball, Sesvete, Zagreb, Croatia Mladen Rakas....................Vocal Ivan Špeljak - Jitz...............Guitar Marko Karačić - Karo........Bass, Back Vocals Marijo Jakopović - Brko....Drums Equip..

GearFest 2015 Preview - Sweetwater Sound

Просмотров 2,7 тыс. | 4 года назад
Join thousands of gear fanatics from all over the country at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne, Indiana for GearFest! Two days of gear, deals, workshops, performances, giveaways, and more! Experience presentations from industry icons, and attend dozens of fr..

Carvin V3 power tube comparison EL34, E34L, 6L6GC.

Просмотров 18 тыс. | 8 лет назад
Compare the tubes. This is not even supposed to sound good. It´s supposed to give You an idea how the power tubes effect the sound. Same settings on all clips. The clean riff from my christmas-song The Final Verdict. The rock riff from my latest (n..

Executone P13 - Guitar Amp Conversion Episode 8a - Pass the plate

Просмотров 40 | 3 года назад
Executone P13 - Guitar Amp Conversion Episode 8a - Pass the plate

Mesa Boogie Mark III - Two notes torpedo CAB - Modern Black Metal tone

Просмотров 193 | 6 месяцев назад
Testing new settings and a new impulse Mesa Boogie Mark III blue stripe Two notes torpedo CAB Samick Les Paul Custom

Rik plays my Stratocaster.MPG

Просмотров 375 | 7 лет назад
Straight up Jazz number on a Fender Stratocaster through a Fender Deluxe 900 guitar amp.

Four Cheap Guitar Amps That You Can Gig With (Just!!)

Просмотров 355 тыс. | 2 года назад
For more info on the amps in this video follow these links.... Fender Champion 40 - Boss Katana 50 - Marshall Code 50 - Orange Crush 35RT - Each amp is mic'..

Sahana Gears Episode 1

Просмотров 390 | Год назад
Guitar Used: Sahana Lemon Green Nyauli Body- Mahagony Neck- Dual Carbon Fiber rod reinforced bolt on Mahagony moderate ‘C’ neck Fretboard- Rosewood with 22 jumbo stainless steel fretwires Inlays- Custom Nyauli Glow in the dark inlays at 12th fr..

Hime Amplification preview.

Просмотров 279 | 2 года назад
Jeff and the Dr, playing around with some guitar tones.

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