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In Living Color | Vera de Milo (Steroid Commercial)

Просмотров 39 тыс. | 5 лет назад
Jim Carrey portrays a steroid-abusing female bodybuilder with a conspicuously flat chest and bulge in her posing trunks. Vera was best known by her unnaturally deep, breathy voice and grotesque, horselike laugh, along with a small set of pigtails. Ve..

SCP-050 To The Cleverest | euclid | statue scp

Просмотров 43 тыс. | 3 года назад
SCP-050 is a monkey statue that can only be contained via pranking people. The SCP Foundation must contain this via "The Great Researcher Prank War of '██", and even where SCP researchers must continue to one-up each other via hilarious pranks! ..


Просмотров 390 | 2 года назад
Первый зимний месяц ожидаемо принёс массу новостей из мира здоровья и медицины, самыми интересными из которых мы и спешим сегодня с Вами..

Calling All Cars: The Flaming Tick of Death / The Crimson Riddle / The Cockeyed Killer

Просмотров 150 тыс. | 7 лет назад
The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is the police department of the city of Los Angeles, California. The LAPD has been copiously fictionalized in numerous movies, novels and television shows throughout its history. The department has also been ..

The Great Gildersleeve: Birdie Sings / Water Dept. Calendar / Leroy's First Date

Просмотров 174 тыс. | 7 лет назад
Premiering on August 31, 1941, The Great Gildersleeve moved the title character from the McGees' Wistful Vista to Summerfield, where Gildersleeve now oversaw his late brother-in-law's estate and took on the rearing of his orphaned niece and nephew, M..

Suspense: Tree of Life / The Will to Power / Overture in Two Keys

Просмотров 459 тыс. | 6 лет назад
Alfred Hitchcock's first thriller was his third silent film The Lodger (1926), a suspenseful Jack the Ripper story. His next thriller was Blackmail (1929), his and Britain's first sound film. Of Hitchcock's fifteen major features made between 1925 an..

NYSTV - The Secret Nation of Baal and Magic on the Midnight Ride - Multi - Language

Просмотров 40 тыс. | 10 месяцев назад
This is the Midnight Ride with David Carrico on NYSTV with Jon Pounders talking about the true occult origins of the US. See whoever controls the narrative has spin control over the status quo. They decide what's moral or immoral. What's sane an..

NYSTV - Midnight Ride Halloween Mystery and Origins w David Carrico and Gary Wayne - Multi Language

Просмотров 41 тыс. | 10 месяцев назад
Halloween has been made to seem like a harmless children's holiday but the origins and symbolism are very much satanic. But it really isn't. Like really. For example, victims were given a choice as to be sacrificed or dip their heads in boiling ..

NYSTV - Lucifer Dethroned w David Carrico and William Schnoebelen - Multi Language

Просмотров 29 тыс. | 10 месяцев назад
William Schnoebelen is an ex-druid high priest, Mason, witch and member of the Illuminati. If you've never heard him speak on such topics as intergenrational curses, demonic opression, curses, occult holidays, etc... this is a good introduction. ..

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